Our main business is mooring and unmooring of vessels in the port of Hamburg. With our fleet of tugs and mooring cars (equipped with winches) we provide a 24/7 service 365 days of the year.

The basic principle of our work has not changed during the last 100 years. The procedure is nearly the same. Means, taking the ropes of a vessel and fastening them at bollards, cleats or other gadgets.

We provide a small but also an important part of the ship handling service. Punctuality and reliability are our main points. The close collaboration with the pilots tugs and especially with the ship-crews are essential for a successful job.

Basis of the mooring and unmooring of the vessels is an exact planning and preparation of the equipment and the linesman. We also offer a detailed exchange of information for ship-owners, agents, pilots, tugs, authorities and the terminals. This communication is the basis for accurate planning and performance. A modern IT-System (Port Master) and position detection system (AIS) are the main tools for this service.

Most importantly, the vessel was moored or unmoored safe and in time, so we can guarantee the next work steps like loading, unloading or reaching the next destination punctually.