Typisch! Tauziehen mit den Containerriesen - Der Festmacher NDR FS SH (2)

from 10.07.2014

Rolf Spietz prances with his little orange boat on the Elbe. He waits for the announced ocean liners. Only very slowly stomping the container ship "Chicago Express" in the harbor basin. The sailors throw join forces the mighty ships ropes from the deck that Rolf now attracts to the shore and secured to the bollards on the quayside. Rolf Spietz is mooring for 35 years in the port of Hamburg. He is responsible for the safety mooring of the giant container ships in the harbor of Hamburg.

Please click the following link for the video. Unfortunately the video is only available in German: http://programm.ard.de/tv/typisch--tauziehen-mit-den-containerriesen---der-festmacher/eid_2822712550018207?datum=10.07.2014&hour=18